A Little Bit of Boston, with a Side of Linguiça

When I started this site, I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to write too many filler posts.  Unfortunately, I find myself delayed at Logan airport, following a few days with very spotty internet and phone service.  I have had a long weekend of ups and downs.  I’ve tried to find inspiration and have had a lot of time to reflect on goals and the future.  Hopefully I will have my full post and recap up tomorrow.

While I have you, let me post a quick blurb about linguiça.  This morning I had the always enjoyable Portuguese breakfast sandwich from Honeydew Donuts.  Growing up I didn’t know that linguiça was something of a regional specialty.  My home town has a large Brazilian population and it is their sausage of choice.  For those who are unaware, it is a cured pork sausage with garlic and paprika.  Many of the local shops make it in house, giving you a choice of regular or spicy.  It is to die for.  Although I wish I could bring some back with me, I also realize that its a great thing to have to travel to enjoy the local cuisine.



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