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2016 Frederick Maryland FNP Best Local Blog Chef Chris Spear

Edit: 10-1-16 Thank you all who voted. While I made it into the top 5, I was not the winner. It was an honor just being nominated, and I appreciate everyone’s votes and support. Thank you so much.



VOTE HERE– You will need to register an email, but you can also win $500. If the link doesn’t take you directly there, I’m listed under the Entertainment header, then best blog.

I started this blog just about 5 years ago on August 3rd, 2011. I wasn’t sure that it would stick, or whether I would stick with it. But here I am. It has evolved quite a bit over the years. I have met so many amazing people through this, and have had it open up a lot of doors for me professionally.

Now I’ve been nominated as one of the top 5 blogs for The Frederick News Post’s Best Of 2016 in the category of Best Local Blog. There are a lot of great blogs out there, and it is truly an honor just being nominated. Starting today you can vote for your favorites in all the categories. While I would have loved to be in the top 5 caterers, winning this would be great exposure for my business Perfect Little Bites. I have a lot of exciting things in the works, and would love to increase the visibility of my business.¬†I’m not exclusively a blog for, or about Frederick, but I feel that I have contributed to the overall food scene of the area and tried to raise awareness of local events and new businesses. You can VOTE HERE.

Thank you to all my readers, old and new, and thank you to everyone who voted for me in the 1st round. Thanks



If you like what you see, please consider hiring me for an in-home dinner or cooking lesson. I run a personal chef business based out of Frederick, MD. Get more information here. Thank you.

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