Indian pudding that was frozen for pudding pops

If you’ve been on the website this week, you’ve probably seen that I was working with Indian Pudding, my favorite dessert.Since there was a lot of it, and there’s only so much one person should consume in a week, I froze the rest. I admit to doing a shoddy job there. I could have wrapped it in parchment, foil or wax paper first. Currently, I’m without access to a vacuum sealer, so I just scraped my pudding into a zip-top freezer bag and called it a day.

Today, after lunch, my sweet tooth started calling me. The Halloween candy was long gone, and I was desperate. When I froze the Indian pudding, my intention was that I’d be thawing the whole batch and reheating it to it’s traditional state. Since I don’t do many things “traditionally”, I figured I’d try eating it cold. I opened the bag, snapped off a piece and started eating. It was good. Really good. Almost ate the whole bag good.

It made me think back to those Cosby-endorsed Jell-o Pudding Pops of the 80’s. This was a pudding, and it had a high ratio of both heavy cream and whole milk.For some reason I kept thinking that if I wanted to make an ice cream, I’d have to swirl this into a vanilla base, but had never thought of freezing it as is for consumption as a frozen dessert. While the warm pudding is a little spicy and almost bitter for some people, thus requiring ice cream on top, I found that those characteristics were muted a bit in it’s frozen state, and it held up without needing anything else.

I love when I stumble onto things. Now I need to make Indian pudding again for the sole purpose of making pudding pops. I have popsicle molds, but they’re far too large for this. As soon as I pick up smaller molds, I’m onto more testing.

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